The Farmlands Trust Presents:(video)

The Farmlands Trust Presents:
Barbara Souther, Chairperson, The Farmlands Trust

At a recent Farmlands Trust meeting on October 9th, Barbara gives us an overview and update on the FLT's progress in the purchase of Woodwynn Farm.
Keynote Speaker: Corky Evans, Opposition Critic for Agriculture & Lands.

At a recent Farmlands Trust event, MLA Corky Evans spoke as the keynote speaker on a range of issues related to farming and food security. Hear thoughts on the future vision for Mt. Newton Valley that embraces agricultural, ecological, historical and social values.
Carolyn Herriot, author and proprietor of The Garden Path & Seeds, Victoria, BC.

The first in our series of speakers, Carolyn Herriot, passionately reminds us the importance of growing our own foods year around on the Saanich Peninsula.
Romona Scott, Manager of Agricultural Programs for The Land Conservancy.

With Romona's 25 years of experience in British Columbia, the many farm projects undertaken by The Land Conservancy are discussed and explained - the Woodwynn Community Farm project being one of the largest of its type undertaken.
Linda Geggie, Program Coordinator, Lifecycles, Victoria.

Food Security is the main issue with Lifecyles. Linda explains the many faceted challenges that face us all.
Briony Penn, local activist and Liberal Party member.

Briony has grown up on Woodwynn Farm and feels passionately about its protection.

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