Garden 2012 SE Calgary

What a difference trying to garden in Zone 2 (barely). Luckily it was a fairly decent summer weather-wise, so things grew.

Forced to container garden this year, but that still means fresh food at the end of the season. It's not the quantity of produce this year, but the quality.

August 20: Able to grow a little variety - tomatoes, kale, basil, parsley, potatoes

August 20: These heirloom tomotoes which were brought out from BC as starter plants proved to be very productive and made a wonderful bruschetta at the end of the season. They would be a good variety to grow indoors as they remain very short and very productive.

August 20: This tomotoe plant was purchased locally from a garden store and was quite disappointing in terms of production.

The potatoes in the large grey bin were purchased as starters at Seedy Saturday in Victoria and survived the move and storage to produce some really nice heirloom potatoes.

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