Garden 2010 - Back (Victoria)

JUNE 18, 2010 - Borage that self-seeded from last year provides cover crop in the foreground with lettuce and bush peas, row of cabbage and cauliflower, row of tomatoes, row of broccoli

JUNE 22, 2010 - pea seedlings protected by covers, potatoes in the middle.

Himalayan blackberries behind the garden produce abundant fruit as they are kept in check.

Broccoli and squashes

Seven more tomatoe plants in back - Sophies Choice, Beefsteaks, Black Crims.

Back garden mulched and growing. Open pit compost on right.

AUGUST 15, 2010 - Garden flourishes

Peas planted in June coming along.

Cauliflower, cabbage and tomatoes doing their thing.

Potatoes and peas.

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