Garden 2010 - Front (Victoria)

Last year's garden was quite productive, but is fairly shaded in the fall. A sunnier location in the front was established this year in addition to the back garden. This garden is also surrounded by Himalayan blackberries on the left and rear of the garden.

MAY 29 - A cool, damp spring has hampered the start of this season, so the new garden area has been off to a slow start.

JUNE 22 - All the beds have seeds or plants.
The left row has 5 tomatoe plants per box,swiss chard, and pumpkin planted on edges.
The middle row has a box each of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and broccoli.
The right row has a box of carrots, broccoli, green onions and herbs.
Calendula and nasturiams are planted throughout.

The open area is occupied by pots of tomatoes, peppers, herbs.

The rear of the garden has rhubarb and sunflowers and a container of potatoes.

The beds are well mulched and the weather begins a long, warm spell for the next two months.

A garbage container full of potatoes

Carrots are begin to peak through the soil.

The front balcony is home to strawberries, and a wide assortment of potted herbs.

AUGUST 15 - Growing strong!

AUGUST 15 - Carrot bed in full bloom.

AUGUST 15 -The peppers and romain lettuce vie for space in the packed middle box, flanked by tomatoes and broccoli.

Aug 15 -Tomatoes were slow starting, but are beginning to ripen. The carrots and Spacemaker cucumber are doing very well.

Sept. 28 -The peppers are having a great season.

Oct 10 - Frost is becoming a real threat, so tomatoes have been harvested.

Nov 12 - Notice the new addition to the front garden? Many thanks to Lynda at Happy Valley Lavender & Herb Farm for donating the hoop house. The plastic is temporary until the cover is unpacked. The garden is winding down, but the same lettuce patch is still going strong. By just picking the leaves, this lettuce provided for several families, and a homeless shelter all summer long and finally succumbed to frost sometime after this photo was taken.

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