Young Family's Bid to Save Local Farm

Written by lucho
Sunday, 02 August 2009 23:55

Madrona Farm has met it's second fundraising deadline of $750,000 by July 31,2009. The goal is to pay for the land so that it can be held in trust, as a public resource, for as long as “registered property owner” means anything to our society. (Farmer) Dave Chambers, the current tenant, says that this model of public land ownership is important for the future of farming, and could even be an example of how to manage other public resources as well.

All it take is for one generation to make the decision to develop land, and that farm is gone for all future generations. By removing the land from the realm of private property, we can responsibly care for it as a valued community asset. Madrona Farm is as old as the city of Saanich it's self, and predates the municipal plumbing that currently supplies its water for irrigation. Currently the farm provides tens of thousands of tones of organic food for the community, as well as apprenticeship for young aspiring farmers. With 105 varieties of vegetables, the farm is managed organically with careful attention paid to the health of the soil. If you would like more information about the farm visit

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